Tuesday, July 25, 2006

I'm up too late.

Some people say someone is crazy by saing they're 'up in the night'...hm...interesting. I'm definitely up but I don't see that as incrimination. I didn't say it before but I went and saw the Pirates of the Caribbean the other day and, might I add as a parental aside, I fully buy my children happy meals too often so I can get the toys from the Pirates stuff...have you seen those? It's hilarious. Ruby totally has this red doo rag that velcros in the back and dellah has this actually pretty awesome inflatable sword and this stuffed south park looking Johnny Depp doll...and the box for the happy meal has punch out pirate eye patch and ear ring and medallion! Come on now! It's like too good to be true. Anyway, I went to see the movie and I have to say, I got that giddy !YYESS! feeling several times. I don't remember Captain Jack having quite such obviously fake dread locks in the first one thought which was my only draw back...I kind of liked the stringy, scraggly mess a little better but the voodoo lady in the swamp? Oh my freaking goodness...I full on wanted to BE HER! I noticed the filmmaker tried not to put Orlando Bloom in the same shot with Johnny Depp so as to prolong the generalized assumption that Orlando Bloom is in some way remotely good looking as anything besides an Elf....in reality, Johnny Depp made everyone in the movie look abismally ugly...poor unfortunate mortals. I did find myself not hating Kiera Knightly though and thinking she was cuter than I have before....some of those sword fights were on par with the time Yoda fights in the second new star wars or was it the first...ooops, I don't know.
Today was Pioneer day and we took the progeny to the park to play and I quickly realized that all the other parents were just kind of lying around watching their children play and we're like following ours around and doing everything with them...someone could totally get hurt or stolen or something! what's wrong with those people. If they would have actually been up on the huge play thing they would have noticed that some degenerate smeared an alarmingly poop-like substance all down the twisty slide which could have produced a stain that even Oxy Clean can't get out....
Last night Dellah was sitting in her high chair eating and she just busted out the name "Bonnie Raitt" which is so weird because a really really long time ago, she asked me who was singing on the music at DI and I told her, Bonnie Raitt...a steal trap, I tell you, those small people have minds like steel traps.
man, I can totally picture the scenario when you talk in your family about some taboo issue or person and your kid totally goes and tells everyone or that person what you said....
I watched the movie, 'she's the man' today...why?
I have no words.
Gabriel says he has a surprise for me on friday having to do with our anniversary....I didn't realize before in my life but I'm pretty sure I hate surprises. No control...what IS it!? crap.
Have you heard that Paris Hilton song? what is up with the fact that it's actually not horrible? that girl sold her soul to the darkside...I totally know it.
My dad helped me buy a giselle the other day...the exercise thing from that spasoid with the huge muscles and the fake ponytail...tomorrow is my first day with no company and no Utah holiday to start my road to fitness and fake ponytails. I bought this random dress at DI the other day that I have hung on a hanger as my inspiration....It's not that inspirational in and of itself but I'm pretty sure the right bag and awesome shoes will take it over the top.
her I come no pecan sandies and no coca cola (except on special occasions) and no popcorn balls....
ok, I think I already fell off the wagon there...too many no's.

Sunday, July 23, 2006


So I am now a real Mexican. I have had visitors in or around my house for 10 days from Mexico City. Gabriel's old mission companion and his wife and their two beasts, I mean, boys, ages 4 and 6 and his wife's mother came to town and we have been out late and eating out and out of money and out of our minds for over a week. I thought Gabriel, the king of order and anti-chaos was going to blow a gasket with those obnoxious children slobbering and putting their feet all over everything we own. They are so nice thought, really. The grandma had me pick yarn so she could make Dellah a sweater and Ruby a blanket and SHE DID! in like two days! It was like bionic knitting! And they totally cooked for us two or three times making enchiladas and mole (pronounced molay and not the actual underground creature fried up in a tortilla) and rice and etc. I suppose for my initiation into latinaism and being fine that anyone at any time comes to stay or visit at your house for however long they want, this was a pretty good one because they actually stayed in our friend's apartment that are out of town right now so we had some space to breathe and our children could sleep in their own beds. All we had to do was have the Coca-Cola free flowing and they were pretty happy.
not to mention that they took a break from spending thousands of dollars on preppy Polo and Tommy Hilfiger clothes to come with me to DI where they dropped a whopping $280 (I didn't even know that was possible because I think my all time high was like $48 and they didn't even buy 'small as is'...just clothes.....amazing.
I think they may have been good luck as I found yet another Oilily item for $3....I uttered an audible YES!
Speaking of three, we will have been married for three years on wednesday the 26th so we're going to leave the babies for longer than five minutes and hope for the best (we'll be gone about 2 1/2 hours.)
Gabriel is talking to a Head Hunter about some other possibilities for us so we might be relocating. That's about all I can say about it without getting sad so I'll stop. Not really sad about a new adventure, I just don't deal very well with change.
I noticed while these visitors who kind of do and don't obey God were in town that it just isn't worth it to me to be blase about the gospel. There are just so many things that have got to be done right if this little life is going to end the way it's going to have to stay forever and ever and it all depends on now....it's just dangerous to play with forever thinking tomorrow is a sure thing. I'm not that brave.

Tomorrow is the Pioneer day parade here in downtown Salt Lake. It's hot as blazes outside and there are these freakshows out there laying on the grass since 7am all up and down the road saving their 'spot' when I'm going to walk out there tomorrow and stand right smack dab beside them. amazing. Amazing. I do think I'll go sleep outside the new IKEA they're building here though because apparently, they give really good things to the first 100 people at an openinig.
You gotta choose your battles man.
Dellah just slammed her cheek into a wooden chair and is holding a small bunny filled with ice on it. It looks like we beat her because she has a huge bruise already. She woke up from her nap today and fully speaks like a grown up. It's eerie because yesterday she didn't do that....even this morning. Ruby has not been informed that she is a baby and has limitations besides just that and that she can't do stuff. She wants to walk around and leave the house and drive the car and fly a plane when she can't even crawl with both legs under her yet. She must not have gotten the memo that she's about two shakes shy of the short bus....She's truly beautiful my little Ruby. I love that baby.
Good thing about Utah is that tomorrow is a holiday and I get my Gabriel all day long. Maybe I'll get a nap!!!!!
just think of it.

Thursday, July 06, 2006


it was the fourth of July when we celebrated independence. Gabriel, Dellah and I but especially Ruby. Ruby crawled for the first time in over 14 months of her life and she did it on freedom day....appropriate.
Now she crawls everywhere and all that crawling has pushed 4 new teeth out of her gums all of a sudden.
My mom is 40 miles away on the freeway headed here for a visit. I'm excited to see her.
I had such a good time the other night with my friends Emily Andi and Kirsten. We went to the movies but we didn't see a movie and then we went to dinner and Andi bought us food and then we went back to her house and talked and talked and talked. It was nice to be around folks with no babies in sight.
It was really odd that on my last post there were all these total strangers commenting...
where are my people?
Where are my friends?
do you just not check here anymore because I don't get online as much anymore?
I understand.