Friday, January 25, 2008

There just has got to be some sun somewhere

Good Grief, people. I AM SO FREAKING COLD! I always used to think my parents were so lame when I was like, 'i'm cold' and they were like, 'go put on some socks'. I always thought that home was a place where you didn't have to be fully and completely dressed and coverd with an afghan to feel cozy. Now I am living in my own house and I refuse to put on socks because it's just the principle of the thing, isn't it? Home is where the heart and the cold are apparently because no amount of thermostat is warming up this tiled kitchen floor. There is so much snow every single where I look it's just getting old. I'm over it. I'm just ready for two or three layers of clothing instead of 4 or 5. I am ready to have children who don't look like those kids in 'Flowers in the Attic' and can run and frolic in the outside world without their green snot freezing on their small anemic faces.
Ruby calls Dellah Ruby. I know I have mentioned this before but it never ceases to amaze me how her mind works. just when you think she's not the brightest light in the firmament she does these things that let you know that she's really got a lot going on, there just isn't a logical output button.
this happened today...
ruby: Mami, I wan mas gofish cwakahs
me: Ruby, you need to ask Dellah if you can have some of her goldfish crackers
ruby: Ruby puedo tener mas gofish cwakahs?
me: Ruby, her name is Dellah, your name is Ruby...ask Dellah if you can have some crackers and ask her with love.
Ruby: Deyah Ruby, can I haf mas gofish cwakahs?..... porta bort.
Dellah: here, Ruby
Me: Say thank you, Ruby
ruby: Thank you Ruby
me: No, Ruby, tell Dellah thank you..
ruby: Gracias Ruby.


Yesterday I went out to dinner with the girls I visit teach with to the little italian restaurant, Fratelli that was built in our neighborhood. It was fine, you know? We tried to talk about something religious so we could count it as our visiting teaching for the months so we talked about Mitt Romney among other things. They are lovely and nice with sparkly lipgloss and smart and funny and I came home and I was like, 'eh' know, I would rather clean toilets with my old friends than go be with new people and be like all, "oh, wow...that's great...what a good deal,......that's so funny...sure, you betcha, cute!' and then totally feel like 'eh' when it's over. There is just something to be said for the deep end of the pool you can see to the bottom of the shallow end before you even get in it.

But I came home from that evening (sincerely hoping that it didn't count as my time by myself this week) to find Dellah playing Curious George on the laptop and working the little mouse and so proud of herself. Then she started singing, "Who let the dogs out, woof, woof, ruff, ruff"
I have always hated that song but it was so cute. I tried to ignore that fact that she said she learned it from Miss Jolley, her teacher at school...what happens at Quail Hollow elementary stays there I guess.

SO sunday my parents come to visit this winter wonderland of frozen-ness because they are thinking of buying a house here....I mean here....RIGHT DOWN THE STREET! hallelujah for me. The thought of it makes me feel pretty happy, not just to have some help every now and again but just to have some folks we're related to who care one way or the other. We're talking same ward here, people....same pew at church folks....I totally won the lottery if this happens because any and all future Sanchez people who come out of my belly will immediately be easier to deal with if there are 4 people on the job, you know? My dad could totally be our handy man and some projects could get done (not that Gabriel isn't the love of the century but, you know...handy is another thing altogether, isn't it)

I just saw hairspray....'eh'
i just saw stardust....pretty good because Claire Daines didn't cry that much with the ugly cry face she's perfected
I just saw Live Free or Die hard...awesome
I just saw the Last Legion with Collin Firth and I don't even care who else because it was Collin Firth and ancient rome and merlin the magician....dreamy

I think that's that for now

Monday, January 07, 2008

well, hello two thousand and eight.

This is a whole new day, people.
I love headbands. I have now amassed upwards of 11 headbands in the last couple of months. I'm of the opinion that if you don't constantly photograph yourself to plant any seeds that you might not look good in something, you should probably wear a headband every day.
My favorite thing is to wear a headband.
Also my other favorite thing is when Ruby doesn't wear a shirt but she wears pants and she tries to smell the artificial greenery on the banister and asks, 'mom, what it sme-oh yike....oh....limon..que dico'

I had this nice thought yesterday in church. Angels are the ones that write things down in heaven on their very beautiful unlined journals/books of life so that no one will ever forget it and if they do they can read the whole thing when they die. So when you get married and the preacher says we are gathered before God and these witnesses, that's just it. White dress, partner, house, kids, vacations, you die. Then sometimes when you go to other places to get married you hear that you are before God, Angels and witnesses......isn't that just nice? Isn't that almost sublime? white dress, partner, house kids (or not), vacation, then you die and everyone remembers's written always will be...(unless you don't want it to be) and you get to read it again. I thought that was a very happy thought.

I missed story time at the Library. oops. Also I got some amazingly out of my mind idea that, in a last ditch effort to remain sane at 9:45 am, I should get out the rubber stams and ink pads. I suppose it could have been worse or more messy but I'm going to have to think about how. Thank goodness for color wonder products but if you have to have their paper to draw on that gets annoying. Someone needs to tell their friend's cousin to invent the color wonder stamp pad, ok?

I believe that I wrote a long time ago about my bobby pin angst. It's coming back. WHERE THE CRAP ARE ALL MY BOBBY PINS??? arrrrrrggghgghghghgghggh.

We have this thing called 'hora de silencio' every day where you have to go be by yourself and it's your option to rest or not but you have to STAY IN YOUR ROOM! Dellah decided on Saturday that not only would she scream and hit me and insult me and wake up Ruby who wanted to exercise her option to sleep right across the hall, but she would also agree that, oh yes, sure, she could leave 'hora de silencio' but she would also lose ALL her toys and ALL her videos. I can't believe this kid. She followed me around while I, in an absoulte raging, boiling, angry rant, filled three trash bags with toys and 64 children's videos and went to put them ALL in the big green dumpster in the garage. (we all know that I'm not completely stupid so, of course I went back and hid the bags in another spot which Dr. Phil says not to do but he didn't spend $1,000 on videos over 3 years claiming that they were for children when mostly they were for me just to throw them away for real). So she doesn't even really care that she has no toys and I want to scrape my face off because she's a mean, evil wretch. I'm just kidding child and family services, I love her but, come on...what in the world do I do now and why is she so screamy and mad all the time? I told her that for every day she stays in her hora de silencio, she can remember one toy or video and win it far they're all still resting peacefully behind the crib and the Christmas decorations.

I can't find one song on James Morrison's c.d., Undiscovered that I don't absolutely want to listen to all day.
Also I got the recipe from my sister-in-law, Rebecca for the frozen hot chocolate from Serendipity 3's in New York and I make it every sunday which is so incredibly tasty that I can hardly stand it.
also I got this huge red armoire from Downeast Home in their after Christmas sale for $250 and Gabriel had bought this other huge armoire to put the TV in as a surprise for after I got home from my parents' at Christmas and now I feel like I have some substantial pieces of furniture that come closer to the ceiling that my previous tiny tables and apartment stuff.
i gotta go vacuum