Friday, September 26, 2008

viernes en el barrio

When you have not written in your blog for 2 months and you have felt yourself slipping into that gross place where you feel all closed off and separate from people this is what you should do....
I think a prophet said that or something.

My parents live 10 doors down from me now...I can't remember what I used to do and that's probably a problem because I take Dellah to school and then I go to their house and then I pick Dellah up and then I go to their house and then I take the girls home to rest a while and then I got to their house with dinner ingredients and eat at their house....
seriously, dependence is ugly.

I tried to post right when I got home from Mexico City which was pretty wonderful actually and then blogger told me that my pictures couldn't be posted and I just got very discouraged and ignored blogger. When you ignore the blog you are only hurting yourself.

This morning and yesterday morning Dellah has screamed at the top of her shrill little voice that I am a 'BAAAD MAMI! UGLY MAMI!' and when I took her to the place of no return for her behavior (time out) she bit my hand...she BIT me!
what the crap?! It's not every day that you live inside a time worn phrase and live to tell the tale...she actually bit the hand that feeds her.

We have atoned for our bad carpet choices when we built this house 1.5 years ago. We now have squishy, squooshy carpet exactly the color of most kinds of dirt and all kinds of poop. will not sully my surroundings, foul have met your DuPont smart strand match!

mmmmmm....what else...there's so much stuff it's just too much to tell. I'll have to do installments. Of course I'm at my parent's house right now so I'll write more at my own house where my pictures are on the computer.
At least I've breached that drafty corridor between me and my blog and found the journey shorter and easier than I had worked it up in my mind to be.

current television obsessions: Lipstick Jungle, Project Runway, Top Design, the Rachel Zoe Project

Currently listening to : Lost Songs by David Gray
Currently obsessively consuming: chocolate milk
currently wearing every single day because I am chubby and nothing else fits me : wide legged trousers from gap and some ultra heinous floral shirt from Kohls
Current amount of time I have been trying to have a baby and can't: 10 months
Current amount of cruelness felt from this ultimate joke played on me and my feelings of complete and utter fertility....incalculable

I went to Cindy's last night for a fun little happy to have seen dear people I looooove.