Tuesday, September 19, 2006

hi, it's me....

Man oh man oh man....It's been a frickin' month since I wrote and I seriously don't even know where to start. I'm not very good at chronology anyway so I'll just get started. I was all kinds of fed up with my situation a month ago so I went to the DR. and told him, "look, I'm fat, I'm tired, I'm weak and I'm taking anti-depressants and I don't feel depressed...you have got to do something." He tested my thyroid...negative..and then had me take a pulse oximeter test over a night to see if I may have a sleep problem (apnea etc.)
Two days after that Dr's appt., I had pulled my back out strapping Dellah in her stroller at the Gateway mall and by the next morning it was so bad I couldn't move in my bed. Gabriel had to pull me off the side of the bed and walk me in to go pee...I know...glamorous. Then I took some tylenol and laid back down and my mom came in to say goodbye because she was going to drive back home to Washington after being here for 2 1/2 weeks trying to keep my sister together. A little later all I remember is feeling like something huge was pressing on my chest and I couldn't breathe very well so I grabbed Gabriel's arm and the next thing I know, he's standing over me talking to 911 and I hear the fire truck coming down the street. apparently, I departed the bedroom for a little while and was shaking and making weird noises (those of you in the car that morning after I got my cooch worked on will remember the scenario)...blah blah...anyway, I got taken to the hospital by 5 manly firemen and one manly fire-lady and spent the next 7 hours there getting MRI's, EKG's, EEG's, blood work, urine samples, chest x-rays etc, etc...they even squirted nitroglycerine under my tongue...it was weird. My mom turned around in Ogden and came back to Salt Lake to take care of my kittens for another 2 days which helped a ton. The ER doctors found an arhythmia in my heart or a long QT if that makes more sense (I'm sure it doesn't) so I was really weak and I couldn't breathe very well and that lasted for several days afterward and still happens periodically. I met with the cardiologist and he wanted me to wear a monitor for 2 weeks to see if we could get more info. Long story longer, I wear this rediculous pseudo i-pod looking thing that records my EEG whenever I press the record button that I'm having pain and then I call the office and press another button and all the info reads out on a strip of paper there...I can't tuck my shirt in and that sucks because I have all these wires here and there...
I got a call from the sleep doctor a while ago and they said that I stopped breathing several (like 15 or 20) times an hour and I needed to have an evaluation so I went there yesterday and got one and set up an appointment to go to a sleep lab and get hooked up to a bunch of wires and 'sleep' and spend the whole next day getting tested for narcolepsy by taking like 5 scheduled naps still hooked up to the stuff....I know! I thought only people like Steve had narcolepsy but apparently it doesn't only mean that you fall asleep at the drop of a hat...it's got other symptoms. The sleep doctor was so nice and I really got this glimmer of hope that maybe the sleep apnea thing would answer all of my questions...energy, weight, productivity, heart....we'll see but I'm hopeful.
I went to the homeopathic doctor this past friday and he did his voodoo that he do so well and gave me some enzyme business for my guts to see if it will help the general well-being of my cuerpo. I'm basically leaving no stone unturned until I can get to the bottom of why my heart hurts and my body retains every pound I have gained from 2 pregnancies and I have no ability at all to wake up in the morning. I went off the zoloft because I don't feel depressed, I feel tired and I think they're different. I WAS depressed but now I'm just fat and tired...or sick and tired or fat and sick and tired.
On a really good note, my little Fruby started WALKING this past week on wednesday and now she can stand up by herself and walk 5-10 steps and fall and stand up and walk and fall...it's glorious!
Dellah signed some sort of secret pact with evil 2 year olds in a plot to destroy the patience, christianity and coping mechanisms of their parents. And yet she really is so great...I don't know...she's a gemini...there's two of her.
Jen Holmes came back to North America to have the third Holmes baby so I have seen her a lot and been social with Zendina and Andi and liked the outcome...it feels nice to have friends. We even went to the fair on a blustry day and did the whole 'we take our kids to the fair because we're mothers' thing. Now I just need to see my OTHER friends like Marsha and Emily and Cindy and I will be full of joy...you can't have just some friends without missing all the friends.
We picked out our floor and carpet for our house in Sandy. We also picked our appliances and I am getting the refrigerator of my dreams (not the one with the TV but at least the one with 3 doors and really nice) and the washer and dryer of my dreams too...a really cool blue gray front loader business...
They told us it would be done early in the new year like jan or feb. but they told us late fall before so who knows.
I watched that show on Bravo last night called project Jay about the guy that won project runway the first year and it was seriously so funny. He is creepy smart and he reminded me of marsha (not aesthetically) but the way she's creepy smart and good at everything and has all this potential to take over the universe and likes to swear. Marsha, maybe you should do project runway.
I think that's enough blog today. if you made it this far, you get out of jail free.