Friday, February 27, 2009

mysterious ways

The Lord told me not to buy and Acura and to keep my Chrysler Pacifica. What kind of answer is that? If I didn't have such a long history of customer satisfaction with this particular prayer answerer I would file a complaint or try and negotiate. Like, "what do you mean I can't have that luxurious SUV? are you crazy? Do you know that Chrysler is on the short list for financial demise? yes, I understand that I wanted the Chrysler and I should have thought of that first.... Would it help if I said I could settle for the Rdx? NO? seriuosly? maybe I should give you a couple minutes since a few folks are probably in hospitals asking for help and Carrie Underwood is probably about to get in a car wreck and need you to take the wheel?"

whatever. I guess I don't need a car that talks to me and cradles me deep in the arms of Japanese engineering while promising endless resale value and good gas mileage.

I'm sure there will be some clarity at a later date.
or something.

My chldren are hiding in a corner between the couch and a chair from some feind who is looking for both Hello Kitty AND that defenseless Corelle baby doll with the pacifier attached to her pink pajama outfit. This is very serious. They're whispering and have decided that the Bob the Builder Jack-in the-box is going to put the potential victims to sleep so they won't be feared for their lives. I don't care if they're playing south american drug cartell personally if it involves this much whispering. I can hear myself

I got paid today for my efforts as a domestical facilitator ie my husbands automatic deposit came through today since tomorrow is the end of the month and it's not a business day tomorrow. I have allotted myself a nice portion and am now sitting here on the couch watching my children whisper and frolic and thinking of all the ways I can spend 90% of it today....Gabriel isn't going to be home until 11pm so I could :

go to DI for a disgusting amount of time and buy unnecessary stuff
Take my children to the movies AND get movie snacks
Go to Ross and (see DI description for the play by play)
Go to TJ Maxx for more of the same
Go to Target where I actually have a $20 gift card to alleviate the receipt total a smidge
Take my children somewhere stimulating and educational that they would love and I would hate
Speak with local political leaders re. Utah's part in the world issues George Clooney is interested in
I think I'll just take it easy and go to DI.
overstretching my expectations only leads to disappointment

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

just stuff

Let me just start by saying that I am so glad that I am not hiding from the 'migra' in the desert between america and Mexico...sheesh...hard times, people.

also did you know that Rite Aid is the only store in the continental US that sells the long pink boxes of Lupone Jordan almonds? just so you know. thin shelled, pretty little pastel colors...addicted since 1990.

Dellah and Ruby are seriously annoying. They are also seriously hi-larious.
The other day Dellah said, "Mami, when can we eat? I'm hungry from all that exercising you did."
Ruby is obsessed with Rapunzel. We have the story on CD and we listen to it over and over. I think it has something to do with the fact that she has shorter hair than most little girls or something but at least it's blond. There is a line from the CD, "Rapunzel was blessed with beautiful, long, flowing, blond hair". She says that all the time, 'Mami, can you see my eawings with my longflowingblondhaiw?" and "Mami, lookumee, Mami, I have longflowingblondhaiw when I wun."
They also both self-soothe in tough times with thoughts of christmas and other gifted holidays. It begins with, 'can i have this or that or more of this or that' and the answer is no....after 5 or 10 seconds Ruby then says, "I know, mami, I godda gwate idea...Santa can gimme this for Eestowe...o whaddabout he give it to me fow my happy birthday?" yeah, Ruby...santa can do that...sure....whuuuudever.
Dellah is the is only an acceptable answer if the item is promised for some other holiday by some fictional giftgiver. amazing. I'm just banking on their limited memories at this point

Have you ever felt like you were on the cusp? you know, like you were cusping somehow? I keep having all these thoughts like, "I should be writing something or making something or 'being' something more than I am and I can almost see the window through which I can climb to achieve that....somewhere out in front of me..." like my thoughts are kind of congealing after so long not being able to think about stuff very clearly.
I wish I could just be great, you know? Amazing and productive and inspiring and creative on some other level. I wish I could write something really, really good...
the cusp, people...I'm on it.

another thing i do now is use an elliptical machine and drink 7-11 hot chocolate.

Friday, February 20, 2009

whatever, Madonna....and Vampires...

I was actually going to write something about how I just read online that Madonna is 50 and she looks 30. Then I decided that it would just make me loose the spirit of extreme good will that I constantly, always, consistently bear toward all human kind....

so I knew right after I bit my first oreo cakester that my life would change. I knew when people told me not to eat nutella or I wouldn't ever be able to stop eating it that I should steer clear and I have. I knew when folks told me not to to read the vampire books that I shouldn't do it. I heard they were not well written and used a series of 8 or 9 adjectives at the exclusion of all others (ie, velvety, devastating, statue-like...). I'm all about books so I knew there would be enough to read without jumping heedlessly on the fanat-o-wagon.
Then something happened.
I went to the movie and I was like, "these people are really pale...maybe I'm a vampire?" then I thought that the dad of the vampires was hugely better looking than the main vampire and realized that I was in my 30's.
THEN we sent my car to this dude who straightens out creases in cars (since Gabriel pulled into the garage and scraped the big trash can against the whole driver's side).
When we got the car back there was no crease in the side and a copy of the first twilight book on the passenger seat.
I asked everybody...'did you put this book in my car? how did this book get in my car?" then the inevitable ensued.

i opened it.

I read it on wednesday. Thursday I went to wal mart and bought the 2nd on and read all 563 pages that day.

I now have a problem. People with addictive personalities do not need to eat highly sugared fad foods and they do not need to have the ingredients for mexican wedding cookies on hand at all times and they MOST CERTAINLY do NOT need to start reading highly elusive, poorly written, sink their nails in and hook your mind to them Vampire books!!!

my babies got their ears pierced for valentine's day. Initially I thought that particular part of Mexican culture was barbaric and whatever but now that they look so adorable I have decided any other female offspring will be pierced in infancy....They have these little sparkly rubies and they feel so beautiful....I thought for sure it would change their attitudes somehow or make them better behaved or something but they're just the same folks....accessorized.

Let's let by-gones be by-gones, ok? So I didn't write for 3 1/2 months...
love me anyway!!!