Friday, August 11, 2006


Today is a day of trying just to know, 'let's just see' I'm sitting here in my living room in my favorite chair with my feet up writing on 'the firm's' laptop and trying to be very quiet while I watch my two female offspring entertain themselves with random things around the room....the room which is currently in a state of disrepair but, none-the-less...they're playing with no initiation from me and no talking from me and no video and no music and no's like, I think this might be what heaven is like...small people that you're responsible for playing by themselves so that you can do something for yourself and not have to be responsible for them...or something like that. Heaven is probably actually very different because to get to Heaven you probably have to like getting out of your favorite chair to DO something and also like being responsible for people....
oh well...for today it's good. Although Ruby's diaper is beginning to offend from across the room so I'm sure I'll have to step in pretty soon.
I never taught my children to lipsync...I, therefore, have no idea why on earth they do it other than the fact that there's something for everyone but when their little toddler tunes are on, they both just blab their silent mouths in sync to the music instead of actually, audibly singing....very strange...
actually, last night, I think it was, Dellah was up way too late and she started singing the word galleta (cookie) over and over again to the tune of twinkle twinkle little star and then switched to row row row your boat but inserting words about mami and papi and galletas and so forth....there are moments of clarity in life and for me, this was one. I have given birth and am raising someone almost exactly like me. I wonder if spastic-spontaneous-superfluous shows of personality are nature or nurture...ooops.
Ruby has decided that a spoon and her fingers no longer get the food to her mouth fast enough, so, to my alarm, she just sticks her face in her bowl...the whole face...she could drown!! oh well. She'll be one of those skinny people who eat all the time...I hate/envy people like that so I guess this is a nice lesson to learn that skinny people who still eat a lot are people too...
love to all
My oldest sister's life has pretty much fallen down and broken all over the floor. It's hard to see that happen and not know how to help. It's so much worse that I could have imagined for her. And thus we just pray.
Sally the camel has no humps cause Sally is a horse, of course!....those toddler tunes get in the brain and they just don't get out!
I really want to see that movie Step Up in the same voyeristic way that I always wanted to see Dirty Dancing Havanna Nights but never did...I will see Step up though...I'm so glad that dance movies are still being made. I love dance. I love movies. I love dance movies.
I also love Gabriel. I have a hard time thinking of someone cuter than Gabriel. David Beckham is in town and he's pretty darn cute but he likes girls like Posh spice so I could never allow myself to like he's not Gabriel. Gabriel is seriously my favorite boy.
Dellah is wiggling her head like a bobble head right now and it's so funny because she totally didn't get in the neck line...that little girl has the biggest head and no neck! so cute.
my mom's coming to town today...whoo hooo!!

Friday, August 04, 2006

mechanical bull

Last night we went to this work thing for the 'Firm' and there was a western theme. Everyone got a bandana of their choice upon entering....there was also a mechanical bull....I was immediately intrigued. I wanted to. I could not deny it.
And then reality hit and I realized that I didn't know these people from Gabriel's work and they were all standing around watching everyone ride and I have never been one to take a public chance unless I'm pretty sure I'll succeed or am surrounded by cheering supporters....Mechanical bulls aren't really up my alley and yet...kind of they are...
Not to mention the fact that when law firms have parties they spend a gagillion dollars on prizes and the prizes for the best femal bull rider were two moves and a cool metal box AND AN IPOD!! That was the clincher. I stood in the line like three times and then turned around and wandered back to Gabriel and the girls pretending I hadn't just stood in line....
then I just decided to do it and I had to sign a waiver on my life and then I mounted the beast....I watched that one move with luke Perry that one time about bull riding so I wrapped my bandana around my hand and squoze my thighs and the rest is history....
bull riding is a lot harder than it looks or than one might think. I pulled a muscle in my bottom. But I was so proud of myself like exceedingly proud in a freekish way because I totally did something I was afraid to do. Then we left before the prizes because Gabriel didn't feel like staying....obviously not as important for him...
We've been to a neurologist, had an EEG and and MRI for Ruby in the last week. I just felt like we had to get to the bottom of all's just too much crying and too little normalcy. Of course all the things were normal and we're waiting on another test but we're pretty much in the dark where Ruby's concerned. At least it's not her brain...everything else is pretty much treatable at least.
The next thing will be another EEG to see if she's having seizures.
fun stuff.
the stuff that dreams are made of.
the nightmare kind of dreams.
My little sister is moving to Arizona in 3 days. I'm sad about it. I don't like the idea one bit but what can I do? Sisters are great things.
Gabriel and I went salsa dancing last weekend and he told me that If I meet my goals for health and fitness (my goal is to lose 40 pounds by Christmas) he'll fly me somewhere with really good shopping and give me money to shop!
I love Gabriel.
Now on to the health and fitness part....