Friday, June 13, 2008

would you like to donate a dollar to Primary Children's today?

I always do that when they ask me in the store...mostly just because I feel like Me and mine seem to be at Pimary Children's quite a bit. I always put Ruby's name on the little hot air balloon that they have connected and draped all over Ross or Wal Mart or wherever. So today my dollars are paying for Ruby to be here with stuff glued to her head and me sleeping on a vinyl couch with a bag of potato chips and some vitamin water. I stopped on the way here to get a gynormous snoasis. vanilla with extra cream...I think I should work my way up to gynormous in the future. I feel a little sick.
My in laws are still at my house. still.
they'll be there for another week I think...
vinyl bed and potato chips = small price to pay for night away.

I have had company in town for almost 4 weeks in a row...that's a little taxing on the soul. I need one of those nights when I get to go out and do nothing except frivolous things that only I want to do. I wonder when that will happen.

Ruby's watching Enchanted for the 7millionth time since Easter. I gotta go watch so I can somehow stay awake until it's time for bed.

love and kisses and affectionate batting of the eyelashes,

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Mi Dellita Querida

My little Dellah Faye turned 4 today. (I think it's technically Thursday the 5th but I haven't been to sleep since it was Wednesday the 4th). You know, you only ever get one of the 4 on the 4th or the 29 on the 29ths. Everyone in our family has had theirs now except for Ruby who has to wait 22 more years...I'm a little relieved every time we exit that two month period where both of my children are the same we have a three and a four. It's not so 'side show' that way.

So, today was her day and we went to the dollar movie to see Horton Hears a Who and then to the restaurant of choice for the children in my house, Noodles and Company. My mom is visiting with us so Dellah got to spend lots of time with her favorite person, my mom!

This is the cake I made after being told that it had to have flowers, ladybugs, butterflies and sunshine. The ladybugs are buttons. I think it turned out rather well, actually

She ate all of her macaroni. And then we went home to eat cake and open presents.

From the first minute I saw Dellah I absolutely knew I was in love with her like every mom is with her baby. she seemed older than one of those newborn folks. She took up so much 'room' from the very beginning. Our house seemed full of somebody big and she was so small.

She has proceeded to be the absolute joy of my life. She is seriously hilarious. (and bossy and stubborn and melodramatic) and her little squeaky voice never stops saying so much STUFF it's unbelievable..who even knows what most of it's about. There is something hugely 'me' about her and then something of Gabriel and then there's that thing that everybody comes with that genetics just doesn't do.
She didn't know (or maybe she did) that she would only get a few weeks with a mom who wasn't pregnant and sick and couldn't get out of bed for months. She just lay there beside me on the bed and slept and cooed and played quietly. She didn't know maybe that she would still be in a rear facing car seat and not even walking yet when her sister would come with a whole bag of drama and take the spotlight off of her exclusively. She did, however spend the first two months of her life looking fixedly at the ceiling and smiling. Only Dellah could have been Ruby's sister and live to tell the tale.

Dellah is the lightening bug in darkness.
She seriously drives me insane.
she does things that I fully remember doing as a really small child but it's just too weird to see them done all over again and realize you can't even get mad because you empathize with her mindset. poor girl. I guess there are worse things that having your mother's neuroses but she probably won't think so.

I love this little girl. It feels like so much longer than 4 years. I don't remember what the world was like without her. Maybe the world doesn't remember either.

Tu eres mi luz, mi amorcita bonita banana. Mi amor. Mi vida. mi preciosa. mi princesa.