Thursday, August 06, 2009

it's black, it's white

I went to the NPS store yesterday in need of everything and nothing in particular...they had tons and tons.

I have this little entry room as you come in from the garage and before you go up some stairs to the main front door entrance of my house. This little space has been a thorn in my heel since moving to my house and not knowing what to do with it or how to make it look good and be useful and whatnot. It's had so many incarnations until yesterday when, unbeknownst to my little vestibule, it was about to be forever altered by coolness.

turns out the NPS store has wall paper.
I've been looking for a wall paper solution for one of the walls down there for a long time and was working my way up to paying $75 a roll for some good paper....turns out the wallpaper in NPS is a heard me...ONE DOLLAR! except when you get this huge roll of adhesive wall paper in black and white awesomeness for $1.99 to cure all your blahness and need of something newness.
It's temporary wallpaper that just sticks like a sticker to your wall until you're done and leaves no glue behind.
It was the only one like it and the only adhesive wallpaper in the whole place.
I would like to express in words how huge the difference was but I cannot. I would like to express in words how grateful I am for the shopping spirit leading me to greatness once again. I will have to take a picture and show you my little wall with the big giant white and black patterned radness.

note: when wallpapering any kind of thing please have a partner that is over the age of 5 and knows not to take the adhesive backing off of entire large sections at a time while you're up on a ladder so the result is a sticky stuck together mess leaving you completely without extra in case you mess up which you will so you send your assistant to a shoe closet for a dum dum lolipop where she bumps a table moved out of the way for the wallpapering and breaks one of your prized turquoise sun moon and stars glasswares.......please