Thursday, May 14, 2009

at least 1000 words

a long time ago we went to mexico city. apparently i'm THAT behind on my pictures. in mexico the people are very small and to compensate, they have very large things. it was all i could do to stand next to this huge thing.
but then there were these revelatory things like the angel of independence that make you feel like crying

aaaannnnddd another thing that is way too big.

my very favorite part was Frida's house. Her life and her point of view were so modern and inspiring, it was hard to even think she was born 100 years ago! that above us just simply says Frida and Diego lived in this house (she wrote it). kind of an understatement.

that's the main church in the main square of the city....that's me and Gabriel because we are cute.

then there is your friendly neighborhood shrine in a parking garage. we should really try and implement this idea here in America.

you have no idea until you see this flag in person how actually grotesquely gigantic it is....seriously I was transfixed and so big. this was like the statue of libery of flags.

more recently like two weeks ago my mom and I went to women's conference where our cups were full and I had a million good ideas of how to be an amazing parent.......and then I came home. We went with my mom's brother's wife Aunt Theresa and my cousin Holly who has six children and lots of patience.
On saturday my mom and I and the girls did the susan g koman race for the cure. we got up at 6:00 and walked 5k downtown. this is my mom the survivor.

it's impossible to be in that environment without crying the whole day so that's what I did....i cried the whole day.
this is my little ruby 10% of the time.
this is her the other 90% of her life. funny how the ten percent somehow makes the 90% tolerable for me (with medication)
this is my little dellah faye. she is pretty.

Ruby claire turned 4 so we took her bowling.
I made her this cake because I like ruby and I like cake.
we had easter at our house. you may be thinking, man, erin looks chubby, maybe she's pregnant? nope. just chubby.
Dellah's little friend had a fairy birthday party a few weeks know me...i love a theme...
so gabriel had his 35th birthday two weeks ago and I love him dearly but there weren't any good pictures of his cake ceremony. That's about it....I decided there are so many Mexico pictures I'll do a whole post on Mexico because there are some you just have to see.
In other news one of my siblings wrote me a hate text so that's always fun.
My little sister's baby is due on my birthday! hooray scorpios.
snoasis opens in a matter of days and my saliva can hardly stay in my mouth.
sorry for the absence I've just been hanging out and reading some books with my shoulder firmly against the wheel, you know. cause that's how i roll, all stalwart and together and flawless-like.....