Friday, February 05, 2010

you know what this means, right?

So we go to the Jordan Child Development Center so Ruby can be evaluated again by these professional people with the school district and it's special services. These were their words after an hour and a half with Ruby........."Man....she's a hard one. This is a tricky one..."

ya think?

A kid who's been raised exclusively in Spanish who speaks exclusively in English who has all these charming social skills and knows a lot of stuff and figures out that Heavenly Father can give us hugs because he has bones and confirms that Satan cannot give us cigarettes because he's a ghost with no bones. This same kid today points to brown when asked to find gray; brown when asked to find black and gray when asked to find brown. She never has never ever known the name of the color yellow calling it gween or owange every time she's asked. Today, where's yellow? oh, there it is.....on the yellow dot. what? She doesn't know over from under or what her ankle is called but she can jump on one foot and skip, both of which are kindergarten age skills.

so you know what this means...
yeah, she has another appointment to meet with other folks to sort out her "red flags" as it were, but not till the end of march because that's how they roll....

Gabriel works so hard. He comes home late at night and goes in early in the morning every single day and never complains. He gets paychecks and doesn't spend any of them on himself. He really is that one Bryan Adams song about everything I do, I do it for you and so forth. So, 5 months ago when Mexico gets drawn to play the first match in the world cup against South Africa, IN South Africa and he applied for tickets online, I was fully supportive of his excitement that he might get to go.

today he found out.

he got the tickets.


I'm happy for him.

......I have a baby on May 22 and he flies to the farthest continent from here on June 5th spending thousands of dollars on airfare and etc, being gone for 10 days.....

you know what this means, right?......

I get whatever stroller I want......I mean WHATEVER stroller I want.....I mean money is no object, my manchild will be strolled in whateverthehell stroller I want....that's what that means.

Today we were having our after school snack of nachos during the time of day when the girls both have come unhinged from fatigue and punch drunkenness and there is usually uncontrolled laughing and yelling and disregard for parental utterance.
Friday is the only day of the week we can have quiet time because it's a short day at kindergarten so Dellah gets out at 1:55 instead of 3:35. Knowing that there is a possibility that I could rest makes me anxious to get the show on the road already but, as part of my new and improved zen parenting movement, I show great restraint giving calm warnings and speaking rationally while being met with utter deafness and escalating mayhem...Seven tortilla chips with cheese on them, people...not even the big triangle ones, but the little scoopy ones and they've both got 3 left after 20 minutes? i don't think so. I could feel the tea pot starting that boil where you can almost hear the whistle but not quite and I didn't yell. I didn't physically harm them. The crazy got to it's apex and i calmly took their plates and put them by the sink informing them that they must be out of their minds if they think I'm letting them sit there and waste any more time....yes, i said, 'you must be out of your MINDS!'

as per a prior post, you well know that Dellah then launches in to her "Mom, I'm going to STARVE! I'm going to starve and throw UP!" in her most defiant tone, a preview of 10 years from now in technicolor, to which I replied, "I am giving you a swat on the bottom (which i did). You NEVER speak to me like that....EVER." All with the utmost love and sternness.
I grabbed their hands and walked them both upstairs explaining that consequences cannot be avoided and I'm very sorry they chose to disobey but I have to be a good mom and this is what good moms do.

In 5 minutes they were both lying down in their respective quiet time spots giving me kisses and saying 'night, night' with nary a thought of nachos to be had.

you know what this means, right?



JenW said...

good job! seriously, get on with the quiet time and good time to ya! good job erin! wow...that is quite amazing that gabriel got those tickets...quite....


I heart erin!

and I will probably envy your new stroller to the nth degree...

marshall p said...

you are the raddest. that's what it means.